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If you can operate an iron, you to can make quality canvas repairs. Our Canvas repair patches require not messy adhesives and no sewing. Simply decide on the color of canvas patch that works for your application and iron it on. This canvas patch works fantastic on canvas tents, wall tents, canvas snowmobile covers, tent trailers, canvas boat covers. If you would like to reinforce a grommet area or add a little strength to a high stress area this is the product for you. If you have a rip or tear in a piece of canvas this is a simple long lasting repair to any canvas product. We also offer a 60 Day Guarantee on our canvas patches. Our canvas patches are not only built to last, but they are made of the highest quality canvas.

Highest Quality Canvas Patch

Our canvas patches are made from the highest quality canvas available. If you follow the directions below, you will have a great patch that will last you several years.

Iron on  patches for denim jeansCanvas Patch
Natural 10oz

This iron on canvas patch is a great way to repair canvas wall tents or other canvas covers. These iron on canvas patches apply in seconds. They are excellent for repairing holes, tear, or reinforcing a weak point in the canvas.
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Canvas Patch - Natural

How to apply our Canvas Patches:
1. Pre-clean with soap and water and dry fabric
2. Cut the patch an 1" wider on all sides larger than the hole or tear to be covered.
3. Set iron on high and wait for it to heat-up (Only iron fabrics that can take high heat!)
4. Remove the paper liner
5. Position patch shiny side down and iron the fabric side only!
6. Make sure you are ironing onto a stiff backing and use the tip of the iron to firmly set the adhesive onto your canvas. If you are applying a patch to a tent that is up - have another hold a board on the backside.
7.As the patch gets larger, increase ironing times as shown below. Iron both sides for the best results. These canvas patches work fantastic, but they are much thicker than our traditional patches and require longer ironing time to get the heat through the patch.

Ironing Times for Canvas Patches are as Follows:
4 x 4 (2 Minutes)
5 x 8 (4-5 Minutes)
9 x 11 (8-10 Minutes)

Creating an accent on jeans with iron patches applique

Creating an accent on jeans with iron patches applique

Creating an accent on jeans with iron patches applique

Creating an accent on jeans with iron patches applique